Hi Skaters ...

Welcome to South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida - home of the Sobe Rollers Skate Club and the South Beach National Skate Patrol. South Beach is a fun and happening place with many claims to fame in the skating community. For instance, did you know that
    • Skating is very popular among the local residents. There are probably more skaters per square mile in South Beach than anywhere else in the USA.
    • Skaters are welcome in many of the local establishments, and especially along Lincoln Road Mall and the world famous ... Ocean Drive.
    • Skaters come from far and wide on the first Friday of every month to participate in a police-escorted group tour of Miami Beach.  This event is called the First Friday Skate   and you can read more about it by clicking on the highlighted link.
    • South Beach is also home to The Great EsSKATE -  one of the largest recreational skating events in the USA.  The Great Es SKATE takes place every February and is ... the most fun you'll ever have on skates!

    See you at the First Friday Skate ...